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WNYWildlife.Com was originally founded by Dave Malak, who passed it on to Ken Stuczynski, the owner of the company that hosted the site after he moved from the area. Instead of letting it lapse and disappear, Ken felt Dave's information and nature photography was worth preserving and developing further. At the beginning of 2011, all the original content was converted to a wiki format, and additional information is being added and organized over time and according to the community's interests.

Who Can Use This Wiki

Anyone! The purpose of this wiki is to be a forever-free archive and almanac of wildlife found in Western and Central New York (DEC Regions 7, 8, and 9). It is designed to provide the taxonomy, sightings, and other information regarding local wildlife, as well as showcase local parks, preserves, and other natural resources. There may also be additional information, in areas such as local paleontology, geology, climate, government agencies, and related news stories.

Who Can Edit This Wiki

This Wiki is open for editing by Teachers, Students, Conservationists, Photographers, and Lovers of Nature. To get a free account, send an inquiry to Alb3rt @ NationalDomestigraphic.Com.


This is a wonderful tool for use in the classroom, and contributions here can be part of a project or even grade for a class. Participation builds comprehensive research and writing skills, and this wiki uses similar markup to Wikipedia.Com -- a standard students will encounter in the real world. A detailed report on using wikis in education can be found HERE (PDF)


Photographers and wildlife artists are encouraged to showcase their image captures here. They can be in articles or on user pages (within reasonable space limitations) where they can include links to their portfolios on other sites. Ongoing participation here can be used on resumes. All copyrights are retained by the contributor unless they choose otherwise.


People who show significant contribution, editing, and leadership in article discussions may be offered the position of volunteer editor, and given additional privileges. In our early stages, we are looking for key individuals to help develop this wiki both here and in the community.