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Male Whitetail Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) - © Ken Czworka

Welcome to the WNY Wildlife Wiki

WNYWildlife.Com will again become a growing collection of in depth information, stunning photographs, and sightings of wildlife in Western and Central New York (DEC Regions 7, 8 & 9).

Based on the original site developed by Dave Malak, Ken and Kelly Czworka will move forward with the purpose of WNYWildlife.Com is to be an educational tool for teachers, students, conservationists, and lovers of nature in general. We have taken to heart conversations I have had in the field with other photographers, birdwatchers and naturalists that we need better education and respect in relation to our unique local natural resources .
NOTE:This page will not generate any income or renumeration for the administrators or contributors, everything submitted is strictly on a volunteer basis. Initial contributors can be credited and recognized, or remain anonymous.

Call For Expertise:As we reorganize this site for better content and navigation, we are calling for expertise, suggestions, submissions, and ideas based on your interest in our natural world here in Western New York. It could be observational details of your favorite animal, bird, insect or even a plant. It could be a certain park, preserve or sanctuary you have extensive knowledge of.

Please private message me on Facebook; Ken Czworka


This site has been taken over by Ken and Kelly Czworka and other interested wildlife photographers and naturalists. Expect to see some wonderful photography and detailed information on each species, which will include when you can find them and places they can be located. We plan to make site navigational changes, add location information, and hopefully assign a page exclusive to each species. If you are interested in contributing, contact information will be provided very soon.

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Habitatitude - US Fish & Wildlife Service site to educate the public on not releasing fish and aquatic plants into the wild [1]

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